• In their rush to recruit Arabic and other translators since 9/11, both the FBI and Pentagon have cut corners on background checks and hired Muslim translators in spite of their dangerous ties to foreign military and intelligence agencies in Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan—and the government has suffered espionage cases as a result, an explosive new book set for release this week/tomorrow claims! Many of the bad apples were referrals from militant Muslim activist groups the Washington establishment continues to trust. (See chapt. 17, THE MOLE HOUSE)

  • For instance, the FBI hired the daughter (named in book) and grandsons of a former senior Pakistani intelligence officer to translate intercepts of Pakistani and al-Qaida targets in Washington, despite warnings from counterespionage agents about major red flags in their personnel files. Top secret law enforcement information subsequently has been compromised.

  • Some Middle Eastern linguists working for the FBI have taken bribes from targets of counterterrorism investigations, while some have tipped off targets and others have had romantic relationships with them.

  • One bureau source in counterintelligence quoted by name in INFILTRATION says there are potentially one dozen espionage cases in Washington's language squad alone, including a Pakistani translator related to a former Pakistani general connected to al-Qaida.

  • Another bureau source (also quoted by name) who worked as a translator inside that squad called it a veritable "mole house."

  • Laptops with classified intelligence about al-Qaida investigations have gone missing from the translation unit in the Washington field office of the FBI.

  • Muslim "zealots" working as Middle Eastern translators in the bureau's language squad have lobbied management for their own restrooms so they won't have to use the same toilets as infidel agents! (confirmed by three bureau sources who have seen the memos.)

  • Other bad apples on the Arabic desk (also named in chapter) have nonetheless been promoted after suing the PC-addled bureau for discrimination.


  • The FBI director and the president privately have struck deals with Muslim-rights groups to avoid describing terrorism as "Islamic" in public, while the FBI director continues to put his counterterrorism case agents through Muslim-sensitivity training. (See chapt. 1, DON'T PICK ON MUSLIMS)

  • The White House has put a Muslim lawyer-activist in charge of all federal government contracting and outsourcing, even though congressional lobbying records show he once lobbied on behalf of convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi and against antiterrorism tools for law enforcement. (See chapt. 29, PENETRATING THE WHITE HOUSE)

  • A long-time Muslim prison chaplain who praised the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington was given sparkling job evaluations—including "Good" and "Excellent" performance marks—by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, even when officials were aware that he was delivering hate-filled sermons about Jews and Christians to Muslim inmates. (See chapt. 20, THE PRISON POWDER KEG)

  • The suspected al-Qaida operative accused of plotting to assassinate President Bush worshipped at the same Washington-area mosque attended by some of the 9/11 hijackers—a hardcore Saudi-controlled mosque whose founders and leaders have ties to the notorious Muslim Brotherhood as well as terrorist groups Hamas and al-Qaida, and whose current pray leader is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombing, according to INFILTRATION's investigation. (See chapts. 12 and 13, THE 9/11 MOSQUE and also see THE 9/11 IMAM)

  • Abu Ali also graduated from the same nearby Saudi academy that included on its faculty a devout Muslim activist who is now the top Muslim consultant to American textbook publishers (Susan L. Douglass) and still employs her husband (Usama Amer). Douglass taught social studies at the controversial Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., and now essentially teaches American children across the country about Islam in the public schools as a consultant with the Council on Islamic Education. The textbooks she has edited sugarcoat over all of Islam's warts, including violent jihad, while denigrating Christianity and Judaism as intolerant. Some sections on Islam are so slick they actually glamorize the faith, giving rise to worries public schools may be inadvertently inspiring future John Walker Lindhs, the American Taliban, who in his San Francisco grade school used a world history textbook Douglass edited. White House records I've obtained reveal that Douglass has been an honored guest at the Bush White House!


  • Iranian intelligence knew about Osama bin Laden's plans to attack America with airplanes at least four months before 9/11. INFILTRATION names the FBI case agent (Tony Orefice) in the Washington field office who took a tip about the plot from an Iranian informant and filed a report with supervisors before the attacks. The report was buried. (See chapt. 19, THE IRANIAN INFORMANT)

  • Under the misguided "openness policy" of the Clinton administration and former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and the nation's other super-secret nuclear weapons labs hired dozens of Iranian and Middle Eastern post-doctoral students who now pose a potential terror and espionage threat in light of both al-Qaida's and Tehran's nuclear bomb ambitions, according to recently circulated lab security directives. (See chapt. 22, LOOSE NUKES)


  • Contradicting claims by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that it does "not receive support from any overseas group or government," tax and land records reveal that the powerful Muslim-rights group is backed by a radical Islamic foundation in the United Arab Emirates that supports the families of Palestinian terrorists. Dubai was one of only three governments in the world to formally recognize the Taliban, and was the transfer point for 9/11 funding. (See chapt. 25, THE DARK LAIR OF CAIR)

  • The EEOC has partnered with CAIR to help Islamize the workplace, and has even dispatched lawyers to mosques across the country to solicit discrimination complaints against employers. CAIR has instigated more than 1,000 Muslim-bias complaints and has prevailed over such giants as Sears, Nike, Office Depot and UPS—as well as the security firm that operated two of the airport screening checkpoints used by the 9/11 hijackers! (See chapt. 23, WUDU IN THE RESTROOM)

  • The widely cited number for the size of the Muslim population in America—7 million—was pulled out of thin air by a CAIR board member who doubled as an "independent researcher" for the study that first published the grossly inflated figure—which conveniently eclipses the number of Jews in America, estimated at 6 million. (See chapt. 26, THE MUSLIM CAUCUS)

  • Just two months before Congress released the findings of its joint 9/11 inquiry—in which it scolded the FBI for failing to thoroughly investigate a hard-line imam who privately ministered to at least two of the hijackers—the bureau along with the State Department let the imam go after having him in custody in New York. Customs agents had held him at JFK airport in connection with an active post-9/11 terror-financing investigation led by senior agent David Kane. But Washington inexplicably ordered agents to release the imam—Sheikh Anwar Aulaqi—and allowed him to flee the country on a Saudi jet! Now that the 9/11 Commission has agreed that the cleric's relationship with the hijackers was highly suspicious, the FBI has reopened its investigation into his role in 9/11. Unfortunately, Aulaqi's exact whereabouts are unknown. (See chapt. 13, THE 9/11 IMAM, and also see the supporting classified documents by clicking on DOCUMENTS link)


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